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Caring for your Nappies


Pre wash nappies before use, it will take 3-4 washes for them to reach peak absorbency. Before washing remove any solids by tipping them into the toilet or rinsing. Store in a dry nappy bucket or a wet bag if you are out and about. Once there is enough nappies for a load tip them into the washing machine removing the inserts.

There is no need to soak or use bleach/sanitizing products, as they can irritate sensitive skins and reduce the life of the elastic in your nappies.

We recommend a normal cycle with half strength laundry detergent. or we recommend using Soap Nuts! (be careful of fabric softener as they can reduce absorbency). Should you have any stains remaining after washing, hang the nappy inside out in the sun for a short time and the stains will be naturally bleached by the sun. We recommend the use of a drying rack to prevent stretching and prolong the life of the elastic.

Can I use the dryer?
Nappies can be tumble dried on a low setting, Inserts can be dried on high.

Strip Washing
You may wish to do an occasional strip wash to move any leftover detergent, which can sometimes cause build up and reduce the absorbency of your nappies. To do this, wash your nappies on hot, with 1/4 cup of dish washing detergent, then continue to rinse thoroughly.

Using Soap Nuts to wash your nappies (highly recommended!)
If using whole as a laundry detergent, put 4-6 whole soap nuts (depending on the load size) in the small calico wash bag supplied with purchase. Tie the top of the bag and place in the machine with your load. This same bag of soap nuts can be used 4-6 times, depending on the water temperature and whether your water supply is hard or soft. Soap nuts are ready to discard when they start to take on a slightly transparent appearance and no longer froth up when rubbed with water. Used soap nuts can be composted in your garden. Whole soap nuts are most effective when used in warm or hot water. To get the best use in cold water


Putting your nappies back together
To assemble nappies insert the booster down into the pocket, rounded edge to the back. Your nappy is then ready to use.

JEANS NAPPIES Need to be washed separate in cold water for the first few washes as the denim may run.



This photo was taken by one of my lovely customers!

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