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Are you new to Cloth Nappies?

Gone are the days of folding terry squares, nappy pins and plastic pilchers! BumCheeks Modern cloth Nappies make using cloth so easy! Here at BumCheeks we have compiled some useful information to help you out.

First up! Five myths busted!

Modern Cloth nappies are expensive!

Did you know, that based on the 'average' cost per disposable nappy, that you will spend over $3000.00imately (based on 7 changes /24 hrs) by 2.5 years (average length of time in nappies) This figure does not include the cost of wipes and nappy sacks! Our fulltime nappy packs are not even 1/6 of this cost! Not to mention you can use them again for your next child.  If you had 2 babies in disposable nappies, these costs would double! 



Cloth Nappies Cause Nappy Rash


Nappy rash is usually caused by urine and faeces burning the skin, this can occur with any type of nappy. If a babies nappy is changed regulary nappy rash should not become a problem.


Cloth Nappies Leak

Yes, Cloth nappies will leak if they cannot hold anymore wetness, but so do disposables.

 The old style cloth nappies would often leak after a short period of time, with specially designed waterproof fabrics and super absorbent bamboo BumCheeks are very absorbent and are designed for heavy wetters. Still worried? Ask for an extra insert when you order.


Cloth Nappies are too Bulky

BumCheeks Cloth Nappies will fit under most clothes nicely. Though most people prefer not to cover them as they are just so cute!


Cloth nappies look terrible!

Well, we think you should look at our adorable jeans nappies and decide for yourself!




Our Nappies!

Here at Bumcheeks all our nappies are onesize pocket nappies which means they are adjustable from Birth right through to Toilet training! All our nappies come with inserts.



Bumcheeks are shaped nappies with elastic around the back and the legs so that they fit snug like a disposable.


Why Pocket Nappies?

Pocket nappies have a stay dry lining to keep you baby dry. The pocket in the back allows you to insert the insert into the nappy which makes changing a wriggly baby a lot easier! Even standing up if need be. You can also add extra inserts if you have a super heavy wetter. Best of all! They are very easy to clean off number two’s!


What do I need to start?

For full time use we recommend a minimum of 20 nappies, And 4 night boosters. You will then have enough nappies to wash every second day, and have a couple spare in case of bad weather. You will also need a good low detergent gentle wash and a nappy bucket. Ask our retailers about bulk nappy packs when getting started.



Is cloth better for the environment?

Did you know each disposable nappy takes hundreds of years to break down? approximately 3.75 MILLION disposable nappies are dumped into our ground every single day, throughout Australia and New Zealand alone. disposable nappies require more water, more energy, more raw materials and more land to produce and use than cloth nappies, and they generate 60 times more waste.

Disposable nappies use 2.3 times MORE water to produce than what it takes to wash cloth nappies over the period of a whole year!

The Ins and Outs of Bumcheeks!




Changing the sizing, Its Easy!



Boosting your Nappies for Night Time Use

Fold your trifold night booster into three, place ontop of your regular Booster and insert. 

This will create 12 layers of absorbency for up to 12 hours overnight.


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